2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Goat Horoscope

by - October 20, 2017

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General Luck of Goat Horoscope in 2018
You will have excellent prosperous fortune as there are numerous auspicious stars, especially the "Tian De" and "Fu Xing" star in your life chart. An opportune time to embark on ambitious goals at work or in business.

Career luck is brilliant as the sun hence it is a favorable time to embark on ambitious plans. With hard work, great timing in plan execution and creative mindset, the results should be nothing less than spectacular. Working individuals with creative ideas or proposals will havo a chance to rise and receive recognition from superiors. Health status is good but immunity is slightly weak. You may fall sick easily hence you should pay attention to your health, lifestyle habits and food hygiene. Do not overwork.

With the wealth star shining brightly upon you, you wealth luck will be brilliantly prosperous. Rewards from main income and windfall gains will be abundant. Good time to go into diversified investments or start new ventures. However, you must save up for rainy days and be vigilant against robberies or thefts. Romance luck is blossoming. Married couples may be welcoming a newborn. Couples should try to ignore slanderous gossips.

Goat Zodiac Monthly Forecast
1st Solar Month (4/2/18 - 4/3/18)
Positive fortune outlook for the year, and lucky stars shining you this month. Seize this chance to diversify investments or embark on new ventures, Always observe the situation closely, take action only when time is right. More networking activities, higher chances of meeting opposite gender. You are spoil for choices and love may spark. Main income is plentiful and favorable to gamble a little. Health is good but indulgence in alcohol and casual sex ls harmful.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/18 - 4/4/18)
Pressure and stress increases as work progress gets hindered. You will be troubled by rumors and disputes too, due to dipping fortune. Love luck strikes early as singles get to meet ideal partners. Unfortunately relationships will be affected by rumors and hear says. Wealth luck prospers but dips drastically during mid-month. Your mood swings both ways as there are a lot of additional work that cause you to be worn out. Watch out, do not let fatigue sets in.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/18 - 4/5/18)
Be wary as there may be hidden dangers or issues beneath the seemingly peaceful outside. Sudden changes will occur, Always handle matters personally. Be vigilant and cautious, do not trust others easily. Pay attention to your health, do not overwork. Avoid water activities when out and about. Wealth luck plummets; manage finance prudently, do not invest. Guard against being cheated. Relationships may be turbulent as minor issues may cause major upset.  

4th Solar Month (5/5/18 - 5/6/18)
Fortune becomes positive in the midst of twists and turns but hidden dangers are still present. Except personnel disputes seems to worsen. Working individual should hold your tongues. Refrain passing critical remarks towards co-worker superiors, Couples may quarrel more frequently as romance luck is turbulent. Wealth star is dim, do not invest to avoid monetary loss. Health improves. Favorable time for travel, to relax and recharge.

5th Solar Month (6/6/18 - 6/7/18)
Ill luck dissipates as protection from lucky stars is strong. Work pressure and personnel issues have ceased temporarily. Sales begin to pick up, Investments reap returns. Seize this chance to make full use of resources. Do not get blinded by wealth. Romance is revived as misunderstanding is cleared. Manage wealth prudently, do not spend extravagantly. Wealth luck weakens during mid-month. Those aged 76 will feel anxiety due to frequent quarrels at home. 
6th Solar Month (7/7/18 - 6/8/18)
Fortune is prosperous. Minds are open situation is positive. Be bold in putting your when creative ideas into concrete plans. Seize this chance to soar. Working individuals have a chance to shine, recognition will follow. Wealth luck has improved slightly but slips again at month-end. Romance luck is mediocre. Married couples should spend more time nurturing their relationships. Health is good. Pay attention to road safety during mid-month, especially in the night.  

7th Solar Month (7/8/18 - 7/9/18)
Career luck is precarious. The appearance of numerous sudden changes leads to expansion plans being postponed. Read through legal documents carefully and thoroughly to avoid legal problems. Remain steadfast to wait for better opportunities. Some parts of the problems can be resolved. Keep your valuable safe to prevent robbery. Do not neglect household safety. Pay more attention to food hygiene to prevent digestive problems.

8th Solar Month (8/9/18 - 7/10/18)
Fortune is prosperous as numerous lucky stars gathered in your life chart. Many work in progress or plans to be roll out are on track. Use this opportune time to boldly innovate and change in order to gain an upper hand, open up new avenues. Main income is substantial, favorable to diversify investments. Do not spend extravagantly; financial status will improve. New girlfriend appears, avoid two timing, choose wisely. Health is good. Pay attention to lifestyle and diet.   

9th Solar Month (8/10/18 - 6/11/18)
Fortunes becomes extremely unpredictable. Many changes arise and career luck is unlike before. Remain calm and composed during turbulent time. Consult a lawyer and go through important documents thoroughly. Any negligence may lead to major problems or legal issues. Invasion of 3rd party will your relationship. Wealth luck fluctuates and no windfall luck. Frequent quarrels at home caused those aged 76 to feel anxiety Guard against catching cold.
10th Solar Month (7/11/18 - 6/12/18)
Sales increase exponentially, business activities pick up, and previous problems are completely resolved hence, predicaments naturally subside. Do not be overly enthusiastic. Be tolerant towards others. Wealth luck improves, main income is stable but no windfall luck. Couples should be forgiving towards each other for relationship to be harmonious. Personal health is good. Pay attention to household safety and health of family members. Old ailments of elderly may recur.   

11th Solar Month (7/12/18 - 4/1/19)
Fortune improves favorably, sales performance soars through the roof. Work hard in improving interpersonal relations for businesses to attain greater heights. Love reaches fervent stage, have to exercise self-control and curb those lustful emotions. Wealth luck is prospering, income increases but plenty of additional expenses too. Manage your finances carefully. Health status remains great. Continue regular annual check-ups. Prevention is still better than cure.
12th Solar Month (5/1/19 - 3/2/19)
Fortune plummets and become extremely volatile towards year end. Sales halt, work progress is hindered and many undesirable issues concurrently. Do not be rash. Keep a low profile, observe carefully and review current status before making plans for next year. Wealth luck is lacking; do not invest. Couples may quarrel frequently. Pay more attention in nurturing relationships. Frequent quarrels at home, work on improving the situation.

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