2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Rat Horoscope

by - August 12, 2017

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General Luck of Rat Horoscope in 2018
In 2018, there are many inauspicious stars in your life chart. But fortunately, there are lucky stars "Jie Xing" and "Jiang Xing" that is in your favour. Handle all matters carefully and you will be able to outshine others. Noble aides is strong. Along with your entrepreneurial spirit you will be able to resolved all obstacles easily.

Business will be smooth sailing. For working individuals, they will need to be patient and law-abiding. Do not take short cuts. By completing your task on time, you will be able to outshine others. Health conditions are good but do have ample of rest. It is best to avoid water activities like fishing or water sports during summer and autumn season. This year, wealth luck is favorable. Main income is stable but there is a lack of windfall luck. By adopting prudent investing, you will be able to have adequate return. Avoid gambling. Manage your finance wisely by striking a balance between your inflow and outflow of cash flow. Take note of scams. Control your temper as your emotions may fluctuate. Be more tolerant towards your loved ones. Show more care and concern towards your loved ones to keep the relationship going.

Rat Zodiac Monthly Forecast
1st Solar Month (4/2/18 - 4/3/18)
Compare to last year, Rat zodiac fortune is not as good due to the presence of ominous stars.  Be mindful of your actions and words. Do not invest in the 1st lunar month. There will be hidden issues and great stress present. Proper planning and execution will ensure that the plans will be roll out smoothly. At the end of the month, be wary of troubled relationships. There will be likelihood of monetary loss so avoid any gambling or investing.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/18 - 4/4/18)
With noble aides, work progress will be smooth. This is a favorable month for investment. Although this month is a slightly better month, there will be various setback. Handle the issues calmly and objectively and things will work out fine. For working individuals, you will need to remain humble even when your performance is acknowledged by your superiors. In the middle of the month, you might be able to meet your ideal partner. Do not participate in any water activities when you are traveling. Be thrifty and save for the rainy days. Watch out for the health of the elderly at home.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/18 - 4/5/18)
This month, fortune is flourishing brilliantly. But there are some difficulties at work. Be calm and think of a solution to resolve the situation. Gather the support of your colleagues in order to strive for better results. Make use of opportunities with your intellect and prudence. In relationship, there are sign of improved relations. Main income and windfall luck is excellent but do not be greedy. Health condition is poor. There are likelihood of injury. Pay more attention to household safety and road safety.

4th Solar Month (5/5/18 - 5/6/18)
This month, all previously unresolved issues will be resolved. You will more time to think of a better solution to execute your plans. Be wary of sexual entanglement as you may get hooked. Avoid being too critical towards friends of the opposite sex. Health condition is good but stay away from drugs. Wealth luck is favorable and is suitable for investments.

5th Solar Month (6/6/18 - 6/7/18)
There is a sudden change of fortune. Problems starts to appear one by one. There are despicable people trying to cause trouble. Remain composed and steadfast. Again, working individuals need to remain patient as there are many of opportunities for you to shine later. Be wary of third parties trying to wreck your relationship. Wealth luck is poor. Avoid gambling or investing. Avoid water activities.

6th Solar Month (7/7/18 - 6/8/18)
Work progress is slow even though many transactions are occurring. Things will pick up in the middle of the month. Pay attention when you are handling important documents. Do it personally. For working individuals, they will need to be conscientious at work. Watch out for your health and avoid all water activities. Even though your main income is stable but your expenses are high. For couples, they may experience a turbulent relationship. Breakup may be unavoidable.

7th Solar Month (7/8/18 - 7/9/18)
This month, fortune has turn favorable. There will be improvement in work progress. Although there is improvement in your fortune, you will need to be mindful of your action and speech to avoid conflict. Before executing any plans, spend time to plan carefully to avoid any setbacks. Investments will reap returns. Mainstream income is stable. There might be some windfall gains. Beware of cheats after your money. Romantic luck will be lukewarm at times. Let nature take its course. At home, pay more attention to the young ones.

8th Solar Month (8/9/18 - 7/10/18)
Fortune changed for the worst. Always remain composed at all times to deal with the sudden change in situation and resolve them in an orderly manner. Improper handling of matters will affect the overall outcome. Always obey the law. In business, stay sharp to avoid being scam or fraud. If any dispute arise, you should resolve it at the earliest time. Wealth luck is poor. Do not gamble. Be thrifty. Health condition is not looking good. Have ample of rest.

9th Solar Month (8/10/18 - 6/11/18)
Career luck is getting better in the second half of the year. Business operations are picking up steadily at the middle of the month. This is an opportunity for expansion. For working individuals, they will need to be careful when handling important documents. Careless mistake will cost your job. At home, pay more attention to the elderly, especially from heights. For better relationship, forgive and forget. This will make relationship last.

10th Solar Month (7/11/18 - 6/12/18)
Business activities are picking up. Being prudent in investments will reap great returns. Be flexible and act according to situation. With help from benefactors, business will soar to great heights. Although wealth luck is flourishing, there will be many unexpected expenses. Save up as much as possible. Health condition is improving. At home, make sure that the elderly are poorly clothed to prevent catching cold.

11th Solar Month (7/12/18 - 4/1/19)
Market conditions are weakening, as a result, business activities slows down. Observe the situation carefully. Avoid making huge or risky investments. By being proactive in communication with others will help you in gathering support from your clients. Handle your company finances carefully to avoid monetary loss. Be calm at all times. Do not act impulsively. Let nature take its course. As wealth luck is mediocre, spend wisely. Health condition is good.

12th Solar Month (5/1/19 - 3/2/19)
This is the last month of the year. Fortune is excellent. Many previously faced obstacles are resolved. It is an excellent time to showcase your talents. Always think before you act and avoid being overly confident. Use the last month of the year to plan for your future. Wealth luck is great and there will be promising windfall gains. There will be chances of winning lucky draw prizes. Health condition is excellent. At home, you will need to pay attention to the young. Romance luck has turn favourable.

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