2017 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Rabbit Horoscope

by - October 08, 2016

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General Luck of Rabbit Horoscope in 2017
This year, Rabbit Zodiac is in direct clash with Tai Sui. As such, your fortune is unpromising. Although there are lucky stars in your life chart,  however, they are ineffective against numerous ominous stars. You will need to handle all matters with caution. Bear with the situation and swallow your pride. Things will turn for the better. This is a unfavorable year for you and you will be expecting many minor ailments, monetary leak due to weak wealth luck.

Many unforeseen circumstances will happen when you are rolling out business plans and you will be caught in sticky legal issues so you will need to remain on guard. At all times, be accommodating and work towards amiable situations at work in the interest of all. For working individuals, they will have to be rely on themselves. Do not break any rules and take any risks or you will get into trouble. With the existence of "Jian Feng" star, there is a high probability of getting injury. Avoid climbing and handling sharp objects to prevent from falling and getting cut.

Wealth luck is lacking and you will need to be extremely carefully when you invest to prevent yourself from getting into any financial difficulties. Manage your daily expenses prudently. Reduce any extravagant spending and save up for any emergencies. Due to the low spirits, it will affect the outcome of your relationships. You will need to stay positive or you will feel more despondent.

Rabbit Zodiac Monthly Forecast
1st Solar Month (3/2/17 - 4/3/17)
This year, Rabbit Zodiac is in direct clash with Tai Sui. As such, there will be many ominous stars gathering in your life chart. Fortune will be bad. This is the year to do proper planning before executing any plans. Resolve all personnel disputes to prevent problems from escalating. Avoid matters that will attract gossips. Be patient and compromise for the sake of general interest when handling situations. Do not invest and gamble as wealth luck is poor.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/17 - 3/4/17)
This month, lucks has improved slightly. There will still be obstacles at work. Stay positive and solve problem one at a time and things will get better. For working individuals, you will need to be clear headed and handle work wisely. Due to relationship problems, you will be low spirited. Be rational and resolve relationship issues. As health luck is poor, avoid any climbing. Wealth luck has improved slightly but it is advisable not to invest.

3rd Solar Month (4/4/17 - 4/5/17)
This month, lucky stars are shining upon you. All obstacles encountered previously have been resolved. It is the time to focus on expanding your business and venture into new business. For working individuals, they should give some consideration to overseas posting as it will benefit you in the future. Love luck has improved. Cherish your love ones by showing more love and affection towards each other.

4th Solar Month (5/5/17 - 4/6/17)
Fortune can change unexpectedly and you will be caught off guard. You will face many problems in business or at work. Not only this, there will be despicable people trying to spread menacing rumors about you. To avoid things from getting worst, you should handle it rationally and with compose. For the young, they should be careful with who they hang out with and they should keep away from bad influences. It will keep them away from trouble. Due to stress, you will fall sick easily. For relationship matters, you should get a hold of your feelings.

5th Solar Month (5/6/17 - 6/7/17)
This month, luck fluctuates from time to time. As such, when rolling out business plans, you should launch in gradually and ensure that everything goes according to plan. Spend extra time in preparation work to avoid any unnecessary problems arising later. There is slight improvement in health but there is likelihood of injuries in the middle of the month. Watch out for accidents on the roads. Safety first. Manage your finances prudently to avoid any financial difficulties. Avoid any extravagant spending.

6th Solar Month (7/7/17 - 6/8/17)
This month, lucky stars are shining brightly upon you. You will encounter some obstacles but they will be resolved rather easily. There will always be obstacles in life, as long as you work towards finding a solution and resolving it one at a time, a crisis will tide over. There will be likelihood of accidents during the middle of the month. Keep in mind that safety always come first. There are strong affinity with the opposite sex and you might get hitched.

7th Solar Month (7/8/17 - 6/9/17)
After a month of good fortune, things starts to turn unfavorable for you. There will be many obstacles at work and in business for no apparent reasons and you are unable to get things done. However, do not give up. Persistence is the key to success. Avoid any illegal activities or breaking any laws as it will get you into trouble. Health status is not looking good and you will be prone to fall sick. Take note of food hygiene and stay away from crowded places. Wealth luck is poor. There is likelihood of losing money. Avoid investing and gambling.

8th Solar Month (7/9/17 - 7/10/17)
Bad luck continues from previous month. Personnel disputes keeps pouring in and you will have to deal with these issues quickly. Beware of unscrupulous people trying to cause more trouble. In any situation, be calm and handle the situation rationally or you might face with possible legal actions. Family wise, you need to be sincere and treat your family with love and care. Avoid cheating as it will lead to disastrous outcome. Avoid gambling or investing as wealth luck is poor.

9th Solar Month (8/10/17 - 6/11/17)
Bad fortune continues from previous month. Work progress and plans are disrupted. Sit back and think before you make any decision. Failure to strategize will lead to failure. In love, there will be issues that are yet to be resolved. Handle it with care. Being emotional will only cause the relationship to end prematurely. Take note of your personal safety. Avoid climbing and avoid dangerous places that will cause injuries such as falling objects.

10th Solar Month (7/11/17 - 6/12/17)
After months of setbacks, luck turns favorable. This is the time for businessmen to expand your business to the next level. There will be business breakthrough. Be creative and stay updated on the market trend. Being innovative, flexible and adaptive will ensure success when carrying out your plans. It is beneficial to travel abroad. You may also consider expanding abroad. This month, there will be benefactors helping you out.

11th Solar Month (7/12/17 - 4/1/18)
This month, there are numerous ominous stars gathering around your life chart to create havoc. You will face with many challenges in your business or at work. Take caution when handling matters during this period. There will be unscrupulous people who will cause more trouble and make things difficult for you. If you trust the wrong person, it will be disastrous. Avoid any legal cases as it will work against you. Try to settle it out of court.

12th Solar Month (5/1/18 - 3/2/18)
It is a tough year for the Rabbit Zodiac. You will need to be careful when handling unforeseen circumstances. Even the simplest task seems impossible. Be on guard against despicable people. Once you fall into their traps, it will be too late. Health condition is poor, and you will be susceptible to colds or fly. Romance luck is poor, so let nature take its course.

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