2017 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Ox Horoscope

by - September 23, 2016

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General Luck of Ox Horoscope in 2017
This year, fortune is considerably favorable. Even though there are many evil stars in your life chart but there are lucky stars that can negate the effects of the evil stars. As long as you are mindful of your words and actions, plan thoroughly and carry it out accordingly then all will go well. Through hard work, it will boost your career luck. You should seize all the opportunity possible to showcase your strengths and wisdom.

In work and business, there will be smooth progress. By using your exceptional insight, you will be able to make a prominent stand in the business and corporate world. Opportunities wait for no one. At the same time, you should keep low profile when dealing with people or matters. It is wise to make more friends than foes. Health luck is average. Avoid overworking to avoid getting sick. Avoid water activities.

Wealth luck is promising. It is favorable for investing and acquiring real estate this year. To avoid risk, you can save up the money. Mainstream income is stable with some windfall luck. If budget permits, light gamble is fine. There will be quick progress in relationship. If the partner is not ideal, it is best to decide swiftly to avoid wasting each other time. Be socially active and there is a chance to meet your ideal partner.

Ox Zodiac Monthly Forecast
1st Solar Month (3/2/17 - 4/3/17)
Auspicious stars are gathering in your life chart and it represents good opportunities to you. Seize the opportunity to attain great achievements. When dealing with people, always be sincere and honest as it will boost your fortune. Avoid indulging in smoking, drinking or sex during this festive month or it will ruin your health. Romance is full of love and sweet. Wealth luck is favorable and it is a suitable month for prudent investment. Gamble within your limits.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/17 - 3/4/17)
This month, luck takes a dip. Work on interpersonal relationship to improve your fortune. Always remember that one person cannot achieve much. Do not be an outcast by others. Abide the law to prevent legal pitfall. To strengthen relationship with the loved ones, try to spend more time with them. Health is good as overseas friend's visit will lift your spirits. Wealth luck is low so invest wisely. There is no windfall luck.

3rd Solar Month (4/4/17 - 4/5/17)
This month, your fortune starts turn unstable and there are abrupt changes. There will be many up and downs at work. It is best to remain calm and cope with the situation as it arises at work or in business. Do not act rashly to make matters worse. There is a high chance of injuries so avoid any risky activities or overseas travel. Wealth luck is poor this month so you will have to manage your wealth wisely to prevent huge monetary loss.

4th Solar Month (5/5/17 - 4/6/17)
This is a prosperous month for the Ox Zodiac. All obstacles encountered previously have been eliminated. This month provides entrepreneur to expand their business. Show your strength and lead the team. For working individuals, they will have it easy at work. You should strive for higher positions. You will be able to meet many people of the opposite sex in your social networking activities which will affect positively on your work and romance. Wealth luck is very promising, with the right investment, you will reap huge returns.

5th Solar Month (5/6/17 - 6/7/17)
On the surface, luck seems to be on your side, but in fact it is not. There will be obstacles laying around so you will need to be very cautious on every step of the way. Avoid getting into disagreements, disputes or fights. Always use the soft approach to deal with any problems and your patience will pay off. Pay close attention to your health. Avoid eating cold or raw food as it will make you sick. As for romance luck, things will not progress ideally. You should let nature take its course or else you will hurt the relationship and lose money.

6th Solar Month (7/7/17 - 6/8/17)
This month is filled with bad luck. You will encounter many ups and downs. Work progress will be impeded with many obstacles. Avoid any disputes. As this is a bad month, you should avoid investing or gambling. Mainstream income is unaffected. You will be more prone to sickness and you should avoid overworking and rest more. Avoid all water activities at all cost. Safety comes first.

7th Solar Month (7/8/17 - 6/9/17)
This month, luck turned positive. All obstacles and setback faced previously have been resolved. All business activities and work progress is back on track. Be confident and do not be swayed by others to boost your career prospects. Health condition has improved and you should continue to pay attention on food hygiene and exercise. Be alert when participating in water activities. There will be an unexpected windfall at the end of the month.

8th Solar Month (7/9/17 - 7/10/17)
Last month good luck continues to follow to this month. This is a good chance to roll out plans which are previously stalled. Progress will be smooth and you will be able to make use of this opportunity to explore new things. Relationship with the opposite sex seems promising and you will be able to meet and fall in love easily and your relationship will grow steadily. As your health improved, you will be feel more relaxed and carefree. At home, pay more attention to the health and safety of kids and elderly. Do not overlook or neglect them.

9th Solar Month (8/10/17 - 6/11/17)
There is a drastic downturn of luck. There will be new problems surfacing at work along with despicable people trying to create trouble for you. Remain calm and think thoroughly before taking any actions. In love, you will be affected by unrealistic illusions. Even thought your feelings for each other may feel right but yet the relationships does not appear to work. Deal with the issue objectively and do not allow your emotions to rule over you. As wealth luck is not promising, you should not invest or gamble or else you will lose money.

10th Solar Month (7/11/17 - 6/12/17)
Drastic downturn of luck continues from previous month. Even though you put in a lot of effort in work but nothing seems to materialize. There will be hip-cup in many plans, and planned projects will be stalled. In work, you will be overwork and you will be likely to get into legal trouble. Always abide by the law and to prevent getting into legal trouble. Avoid taking risk by breaking the law. Health status is not good either. Wealth luck is bad and you should watch your finances.

11th Solar Month (7/12/17 - 4/1/18)
After 2 months of up and down, situation have turned for the better as lucky stars are shining brightly upon you. Although, there are still some setbacks but you will be able to resolved them with some effort. Make use of this month to push forth your work. Attend more business networking activities to gather more opportunities so as to increase your business. As wealth luck improved, invest prudently and you will reap some rewards. But there will be no windfall luck. Be careful or you will lose a lot of money. At the end of the month, you will incurred huge expenditure to ward off the disaster. Relationships will improve greatly.

12th Solar Month (5/1/18 - 3/2/18)
Luck continues to prosperous from previous month and all work will progress smoothly. Avoid making any rash decisions as your luck may not be enough to negate the negative effect. Making any rash action will render your whole year effort wasted. Work on your interpersonal relationship to garner support from others. Health is good. Mainstream income is stable. However, there is no windfall luck. As relationship is based on trust, only through trust will love grow. Otherwise, it will only be turbulent relationships.

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