2016 Chinese Horoscope : General Luck of Dog Horoscope

by - December 25, 2015

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General luck for Dog Zodiac in 2016
This is a bad year for the Dog zodiac as many inauspicious stars have gathered. Dog zodiac should pay extra attention to safety related issues. Be mindful not to fall sick due to work fatigue and you should watch out for signs of financial crisis. For students, they will have difficulty on concentrating in studies and you should put in effort to turn the situation around. For working individuals, they will have to be healthy and refrain from taking too much medical leave as it will reflect badly on their work appraisal. Manage your wealth wisely. There will be many arguments and disputes between couples and within the family.

As wealth luck is not favorable this year, you should invest with caution and do not act on impulse. Study the market trend, have a clear investing and exiting strategy to minimize any financial loss. Establish a plan and carry out accordingly, career progress will have much accomplishment and success. For business owner, they will have the opportunity to expand their business through social networking. For working individuals, they will be plagued with obstacles and you will need to deal with them promptly. Good performance will naturally shine through.

At work, complicated issues will cause anxiety and frustrations affecting sleep and health. It is advisable not to overwork and have ample of rest. Do not over-indulge in food and drinks due to stress.  Losing health equates to losing wealth.  Emotions fluctuates greatly, always remember to control one's erratic emotions. Nitpicking on other halves may end relationships. For young lovers, they should try not to have unrealistic expectations.

Dog Zodiac Monthly Forecast

1st Solar month (4/2/16 - 4/3/16)
This year, inauspicious stars are gathering and fortune is unpromisingBe mindful of your speech and actions. Be self-reliant. This is the best month to lay out plans for the future and target your direction for advancement and await for the right opportunity to strike. There will be positive results at work. Wealth luck is average, you can make some small investments. There is no windfall luck. For love luck, there will be some minor turbulence within your relationship. Be forbearing and give in and everything will be fine.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/16 - 3/4/16)
This month, auspicious stars are shining upon you. Fortune is flourishing and progress will be smooth. It is the best time to mapped out your plans into action and proceed accordingly. there will be plenty of opportunities, seize them. For working individuals, they should work closely with colleagues and communicate openly with superiors to avoid any misunderstandings. Wealth luck is excellent, it is favorable for multiple diversified investments. Health condition is good. In relationship, you will experience more love than before.

3rd Solar Month (4/4/16 - 4/5/16)
Fortune is gloomy this month. Fortunately, many plans are carried out last month. Hence, put all the important plans to be executed till a later date. You should increase your interaction with customers to maintain good relationship. For working individuals, they should focus on their work and look after their own interests. Do not get involved with other people's affairs. Wealth luck is poor so do not invest. Main stream income is stable, make sure that expenditure is within your means. Be cautious and avoid all water related activities.

4th Solar month (5/5/16 - 4/6/16)
After a gloomy month, luck is turning prosperous. It is the time to pick up matters that have been put aside. this is the time to push forth with expansion plans and boost business activities. For working individuals, they will perform well at work. Do not be arrogant and override the authority or you will get yourself into trouble. As wealth star is shining brightly at you, you are able to invest and reap sound returns. You may gamble small for leisure, stop when there is gain. Do not be greedy. Many friends of the opposite sex will be able to find suitable partner.

5th Solar Month (5/6/16 - 6/7/16)
Even though this year wealth luck fluctuates greatly but this month's luck is exceptionally well. It is favorable for new business ventures or business expansions. You will be able to enjoy fruitful gains when you invest cautiously. Avoid any mistakes that may cause huge losses. Manage your finances wisely. Health status is excellent but do watch out for food hygiene. At home, watch out for elderly against fall. There are many friends of the opposite sex but no ideal one has yet to appear.

6th Solar Month (7/7/16 - 6/8/16)
This month, you will feel frustrated over obstacles and complications encountered in business or at work. It is imperative to think carefully before taking action. For working individuals, they will need to be mindful when handling documents, any minor mistakes may complicate matters or invite criticism. In love, there might be a third party wrecking your relationship. Health condition is good but there is some little ailments. Avoid any water activities.

7th Solar Month (7/11/16 - 6/12/16)
This month, lucks takes a dip. Everything seems calm on the surface but there are many hidden issues. If you are careless, you will suffer great loss or failure. There will be many competitors around laying traps for you to fall into it. You will need to be vigilant so that you will not lose a fortune or suffer a setback. At home, pay attention to the young ones. Wealth luck is poor so it is not advisable for investments. be wary of scams or cheats that may end up with monetary loss. Love luck is poor. You should let nature take its course.

8th Solar month (7/9/16 - 7/10/16)
Luck is depressing this month. Any progress will be faced with obstacles. With many sudden complications, you will feel worn out trying to deal with the situations. Remain firm in your position and handle each issue one step at a time. For working individuals, they will have to abide to the rules at work and do not take any risks out of desperation. Manage your finance wisely or you will slip into financial crisis if the budget is busted. Have ample of rest and do not overwork.

9th Solar Month (8/10/16 - 6/11/16)
This month, fortune is prospering. This is the time to seize the opportunity to put in your best shots and reap the rewards. For business operations, it is smooth and revenue are increasing. you should not be overly enthusiastic as you may provoke others. For working individuals, they will face some setbacks at the end of the month. Things will get better towards the middle of the month. Working relationship with others will improve. As for love relationship, do not be overly critical towards your partner or you may risk breaking up.

10th Solar Month (7/11/16 - 6/12/16)
This month, luck is flourishing. Business is good. Expansion plans will materialize accordingly. There will be benefactors rendering help from time to time. Seize and treasure such opportunities as it does not come easy. Strive for success steadily. For working individuals, they will be under great pressure. Nonetheless, you should still try to deliver results on time. Health condition is improving but you will need to take care of your health, especially from cold. Wealth luck is improving and income is plentiful, but expenses is also increasing at the same pace. You should manage your finances wisely.

11th Solar Month (7/12/16 - 4/1/17)
This month, fortune is stable but there is a slight decrease in business volume. Work on expanding your customer base. At the same time, improve better relationship with the existing customers to garner more support. Expenditure for the month is stable but there may be unknown sources of wealth leakage. Therefore, you should manage your finances wisely. In love, try to create more opportunities to meet with loved ones so as to strengthen the bond between each other.

12th Solar Month (5/1/17 - 2/2/17)
This month, luck is promising and encouraging and it is the perfect time to embark on big plans. You should seize the opportunities to put your knowledge to use. Showcase your talents and strengths to open up more business opportunities. For working individuals, they will have to work hard to earn the recognition from superiors and colleagues. Wealth star is shining brightly and main stream income is bountiful. This is a favorable month for various investments. Returns is plentiful. In relationship, love improves tremendously and there will be news of wedding.

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