Wealth Fengshui: How to select a wallet?

by - June 20, 2015

In Feng Shui, wallet symbolize wealth. Choosing a suitable wallet will enhance the wealth luck of its owner. Let's take a look below on how to select a wallet.

1) The colour of the wallet should match with your Ba Zi element. It is advisable to avoid colour that are incompatible with your Ba Zi element. If you are unable to determine your Ba Zi element, you should black, gold, brown or red.

2) The style of the wallet is also very important. Select a wallet with button and zipper. It will prevent your wealth from being drain away, unless you are a business owner or have good windfall luck.

3) Avoid circular or irregular shape wallet. Choose a rectangular wallet.

4) No matter how poor you are, you must always get a good grade wallet. It is just like buying an insurance.

5) Do not misplace your wallet casually. It should not be placed in front of the door or near the shoe cabinet. The chances of thief is high.

6) Do not lend your wallet to others.

7) Do not put receipts or any non-monetary items in your wallet.

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