How to use fengshui to enhance your relationship with your spouse?

by - June 17, 2015

After marriage, due to pressure from work or stress environment can cause couple to quarrel over trivial matters. Besides mutual respect and tolerance, fengshui can help to promote better relationship with your spouse. Let's take a look below how fengshui helps.

1) Soft lights for the bedroom
The bedroom light should be soft. Soft lights will create a warm and romantic atmosphere so couples will feel more harmonious. If the bedroom light is dim, it could produce repressed emotions and lost of love ambience. Bright lights creates a serious atmosphere and usually friction between couples will occur.

2) Curtains for the bedroom
Not only are curtain beautiful and elegant, it is also a practical decorative that can maintain privacy. It can also promote love energy. Curtains also helps to avoid the feelings of infidelity between husband and wife. 

3) The size of the bedroom should be moderate
If the couple is living in a big bedroom that is too big, too bright, too many windows, it will cause the imbalance of yin and yang which will easily sow discord and dispute between husband and wife, thus affecting the relationship. Therefore, it is advisable to stay in a medium size bedroom to enhance better relationship between couples.

4) Always place a pair of fengshui ornaments on the bed headboard.
Most of the bed now comes with bed headboard. It will allow space for placing some pairs of jewellery such as Rose Quartz heart, white crystal of mandarin ducks. Take note that these fengshui ornaments should be compatible to both sides of the Zodiac, etc.

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