Home Fengshui : What do you take note when buying a house?

by - June 20, 2015

Choosing the right house with the best Fengshui is a difficult task as most of the building structure have been fixed and built according to the developer site plan. Generally, Fengshui master will look at the surrounding environment first before evaluating the Fengshui in the house. The Fengshui master will do a site visit to evaluate the good and bad points so home owner is able to remedy the problem. Below, we shall use the principles of Fengshui to illustrate the problem faced in home fengshui and teach you how to determine good and bad Fengshui when choosing a house.

1) No triangular or irregular shape floor plan
Triangular or irregular shape building structure is more appropriate for cultural or historical building. Staying in a triangular or irregular house will cause people to feel nervous and irritable easily. This will cause argument and discord in the family.

2) The view of the house should not be blocked by other buildings.
Staying in buildings close to one another will give people the feeling of oppression and depression. Therefore, you should get a view of the house that are not blocked by other buildings. Houses should be bright and airy.

3) Avoid sharp corner in front of the main door. 
The main door of the house should not be facing towards a sharp corner. It will cause conflict and illness at home.

4) Direction of the house should be compatible with your family Ba Zi.
The direction of the main door should be compatible with you and your spouse.

With these little tips, you will be able to choose a good home with good fengshui!

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