Where is the best position to place the God of Fortune?

by - April 18, 2015

Money are inseparable from people's life. From basic food to shelter, clothing to luxury items.
From the feng shui point of view, where should we place the god of fortune to keep our fortunes rolling? Let take a look below.

1) The Four Face Buddha should be must be enshrined in the house, such as outside the garden, rooftop garden, balcony, outside the window or open space. It should never be placed in the hall or in the room facing the Goddess of Mercy, Buddha, King of Emperor or your ancestor. Otherwise, disaster looms.

2) God of Fortune such as Guan Gong or Zhao Gong must face the main door of the house. Both of the gods will attract good wealth luck and provide peace and security for the family.

3) God of Fortune such as the Fu Lu Shou or the Wealth God can either be placed at the left or right side of the door face inwards to your room. This will attract wealth into your room. Conversely, if it face towards the main door, the wealth will flow out of the house. Therefore, you should be careful when positioning the God of Fortune.

4) Do not worship both Fu Lu Shou and the Wealth God together. They should be worship separately. Choose an auspicious position to position the God of Fortune, otherwise your wealth luck will turn against you.

5) To offer prayers to the God of Fortune, you should burn incense and the long light for worship should be made of copper. The wealth god and Fu Lu Shou are immortals from the heaven. You should place some sweet offerings and fresh flowers to the god. Again, when worshiping the god of fortune, it should be facing inwards of the house. Facing outwards will send money out of the house. Therefore, do take note.

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