What is the role of crystal ball in FengShui?

by - February 08, 2015

For many decades, people began to use crystal ball for divination, to predict career, love, marriage etc. Similarly, crystal ball also plays a part in Feng Shui too. Let's take a look at the role of the crystal ball in Feng Shui.

1) To enhance home safety and to attract wealth
The primary purpose of placing a crystal ball at home is to ward off evil spirits and bless the safety of the family members. By placing crystal ball at four corner of each wall will form a protective wall of positive energy to protect the family members against evil spirits and greatly enhance the wealth luck of the family members.

2) Attract wealth in business (e.g. retail shops) and enhance career luck
By placing a crystal ball in your office or retail shops will help to avert disasters and bring great fortune. It will also ward off evil spirits, attract wealth, career advancement and also attract the help from your benefactor.

3) Negate conflicts and negative energy
Conflict in corners (e.g. main road, corner of the house, tree trunk, electrical pole). You may place a cluster of crystals or bigger crystal ball to negate conflict and evil spirits. At the entrance of the toilet, you can also place a small crystal ball to negate the negative energy coming from the toilet.

4) Business establishments
By placing crystal ball on four corners of the business premises, it will help to counter competition from competition, bring wealth, attract customers. At the cashier or the reception area, place an amethyst crystal or crystal ball will help to increase popularity and business luck.

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