Where is your lucky position in the year of Goat 2015?

by - January 31, 2015

Ushering the new year in 2015, I believe that many have already began their plans for the year. If you know where is your wealth position in your workplace, it will be helpful in your career. 

So let take a look below where is your lucky position in 2015 now.

1) Wealth position : North
Now the star that is in charge of wealth luck is call "Ba Bai Star". In this 20 years from now, if you want to accumulate wealth you should pay attention to the position of the star each year. In 2015, you should place yellow or red ornament in North direction to further boost your wealth luck. Therefore, you should make sure that the north position of your home or your office is kept clean and free of garbage to avoid obstructing your wealth luck. Alternatively, you can place a "Pi Xiu - Winged Lion" to harness the power of "Ba Bai Star" to further increase your wealth luck.

2) Blessing Position :  South-West ("Tai Sui" Position)
This year, "Jiu Zhi Star" fly towards South West. "Jiu Zhi Star" is fire in element and green plants are wood in element. Hence, when fire comes into contact with wood, it will burn and it will in turn enhance your blessing wealth. Alternatively, you may put red ornament or place a purple amethyst crystal. Do not put fish tank, black, blue or grey items at the south-west position as these colors belongs to the "water" element that will diffuse the "fire". Additional things to take note is that this year, South West position is Goat Year "Tai Sui" Position. You should not meddle with any ground-breaking (e.g. dig the ground) or you will most likely to fall sick.

3) Career Luck Position : North-East
This year, "Wu Qu Xing" fly towards North East. "Wu Qu Xing" represents technical, labour related jobs. By placing a recliner at the North-East direction it will enhance your career luck when taking a nap. For office worker, "Wu Qu Xing" is metal in element so by placing a blessed toad on the North East direction, it will boost your career luck. Do not put any red ornament in the North-East sector as fire will weaken metal. It will weaken the power of "Wu Qu Xing".

4) Windfall Luck Position : South
The windfall luck position is located at the South position this year. You should keep this area clean and tidy or there will be lost items, sickness or accident awaiting you. In the south position, by placing a "Pi Xiu - Winged Lions" will enhance your windfall luck and avert any bad things from happening to you.

5) Wen Chang or Academic Excellence Position : North-West
In workplace, Wen Chang will bring you popularity (people's luck) and contact that will aid you in your career. By placing an aquarium or green plants in this area, it will enhance your thoughts and makes things goes smoothly for you.

6) Blossom Luck Position : East
"Yi Bai" blossom star flying towards the East position this year. "Yi Bai" star is water in element. This star is responsible for popularity and traveling. You may place bright colour flowers or water based plants to enhance your popularity luck. If you are often traveling overseas for business, then you should not place bright flowers as it will have adverse effects due to "excessive popularity".

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