Art of Fengshui - How to choose a office desk?

by - January 30, 2015

The main purpose of having a desk is for working purposes so there is no need for a vibrant and colorful concept. The main focus is on business looking concept and health posture.

So how do we choose the right desk for our office? Let me show you below.

1) Selection of desk color
The selection of the desk color will depends on the user. This means that you will have to determine the five elements of the user. For example, user with too much fire element in their birth characters, they should avoid choosing red and purple. For earth elements, they should avoid yellow, brown or beige color. Those who does not have a healthy body as a result of drinking should choose brown color. Those with kidney problems should choose blue color. Those with heart problems should choose red and those with poor digestive system should choose gold color.

2) The style of the desk
You may choose office desk that will boost your feng-shui. For example, selecting a L-Shape office table or semi-circle office desk will boost your career luck. However, you should make sure that there are no one sitting opposite as it will not be favourable to your colleague.

3) The shape of the desk
The shape and size of the office desk will influence the working condition of the user. Usually, large desk embodies the power and status of users and those who uses large desk will be happier compared to a small office desk which will cause a sense of restraint and pressure. For users who are working at home, it is advisable to have an oval table rather than a rectangle table in favor of long hours of work and to avoid the situation whereby user bump on the edge of the office desk. For users who does not sit on the office desk for a long time, they should choose an appropriate glass table as it can help stimulate work done quickly, and if takes a long time to work at his desk, then it is appropriate wooden table.

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