2015 Chinese Horoscope : General Luck for Pig Horoscope

by - January 10, 2015

General Luck for Pig Horoscope in 2015
There are many evil stars gathering in your life chart and lucky stars will be unable to support you. You will need to stay on guard against vile persons causing trouble to you. Do not act impulsively as it will give bring you trouble.

This year, you should avoid gossiping and focus on your own problem. Always remain pure at heart, honest and law bidding. Stay out of illegal activities to avoid getting into lawsuits. You will need to be careful when it comes to handling work documents as carelessness will bring you trouble. For students, if they are willing to focus and study diligently they will be able to do well in their exams.

Health luck is good. There will be many social activities. You will need to reduce smoking and alcohol intake to avoid damaging your body. For elderly, they will need to take note of their blood pressure. Pig Zodiac will also need to take note of their children's health. For couples, they should say sweet words to enhance their relationship. With bad temper and a foul mouth, it will ruin your relationship. It is advisable to remain calm and speak wisely.

1st Solar Month (4/2/15 - 5/3/15)
This year, there are a combination of evil stars and lucky stars in your life chart. It is still considered a smooth sailing year. It is an excellent time in early spring for your business implementation. Be prepared and roll out your business plan step by step. This early spring will bring you wealth and an unexpected bonus. For singles, there will be a chance to meet their dream love and develop their relationship further. As for health luck, you should avoid over eating during this festive season as it will take a toll on your digestive system as a result of too much food and drinks.

2nd Solar Month (6/3/15 - 4/4/15)
This month, luck starts to flourish. For business owner, business activities are doing well. For students, if they put in some effort they will be able to get good results. To success in work and business, teamwork is very important. As for wealth luck, it is shining brightly. You will be able to reap proper wealth and windfall luck. Pig Zodiac friends will need to take care of their health to prevent themselves from falling sick. Rein in your emotions or else you will get into trouble.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/15 - 5/5/15)
There is a combination of luck this month and you should draft out a business plan this period. For working class, you should accomplish the assigned task on time and you should not be anxious for success. Stay on guard of being robbed and avoid secluded area at night. As wealth luck is fluctuating, you should stay defensive than offensive. Do not listen to hearsay of money making opportunities as it will bring you monetary loss. Avoid speeding and do not drink and drive. Take precaution against traffic accidents and summons.

4th Solar Month (6/5/15 - 5/6/15)
This month, there will be wealth leak as massive outflow of wealth occurs. For business owner, they will need to personally examine all their company accounts. You will need to find out the root of the problem in your business to stem any financial crisis. There will be evil stars that will stir troubles for you. You will need to check your behavior and avoid being embroiled in lawsuits. As for health luck, it is poor. You should have sufficient rest or you will break down from over working. Love luck is poor, do not let your ego break take over you and break your lover's heart.

5th Solar Month (6/6/15 - 6/7/15)
This month, luck is fluctuating. Do not make any major investment. Always examine the market before making any investment. You should be patient and wait for the right time to strike.For legal documents, you should always proofread documents before signing any contracts to avoid any law suits. If you are feeling low, you should take a break and go for a holiday. As for wealth luck, it is weak and you should refrain any speculative investment. For working class, they should work on interpersonal relationship and attend more networking sessions. Always remember to show more care and concern to your family members.

6th Solar Month (7/7/15 - 7/8/15)
This month, lucky stars  are gathering in your life chart. Previous month impediments are cleared. As for business activities, it is doing well. As a management, you should always motivate your team members and work as a team to accomplish the goal.For students, they will be easily influenced by bad company.  As for wealth luck, it is improving and you should invest wisely. Do not listen to hearsay of money making opportunities to avoid falling into monetary traps. You should pay more attention to your diet, lifestyle where health is of utmost importance.

7th Solar Month (8/8/15 - 7/9/15)
This month, luck is poor. There will be disputes between personnel. You should always remember to settle things peacefully or there will be severe repercussions. For working class, they should keep a low profile and be careful in their speech. Avoid gossiping. As for wealth luck, your mainstream income is stable but windfalls are slim. You should avoid any gambling activities. For couples, they should show their partner with more love. As you have ample rest, your health conditions improves.

8th Solar Month (8/9/15 - 7/10/15)
Things are getting better this month. You should resolve the internal disputes and roll out your business plan at the same time. When handling internal disputes, you should remain fair in your judgement to avoid any further implication. As for wealth luck, it is poor. You should refrain from any investment. There are many busybodies around you trying to stir up troubles between couples so you should clear any misunderstanding as soon as it arise to avoid harming any relationship. Beware of injuries and accidents.

9th Solar Month (8/10/15 - 7/11/15)
There will be a combination of good luck this month. Most of the implementation work is well on track and you should focus on business expansion. It is essential to enrich your own knowledge so that you can better understand the market trend. For working class, they should avoid gossiping. At home, they should pay special attention to the elderly and kids. You should invest wisely. Do not be greedy. Try to control your expenditure and you will be able to keep to your budgeted finances.

10th Solar Month (8/11/15 - 6/12/15)
This is the best month of the year. All the obstacles are expected to be sweep away. You should take advantage of this month to open up new sales channel to enhance your business performance. For working class, they should handle documentation with care to avoid getting into trouble. This month, you will rekindle with your long time old friend. Health is getting better. For married couples, they should be on guard against the intrusion of third parties into your relationship.

11th Solar Month (7/12/15 - 5/1/16)
There is a slight decline of luck. You should stay defensive and do not make any major changes. Use this month to review this year your whole year performance and you should serve it as a reference for 2016. For students, they will need to pay attention to their personal safety. As wealth luck is poor, you should refrain from gambling and speculative investment.  Due to the lack of sleep, you will be emotionally unstable which will affect your health. You should remain cheerful and optimistic. Be contented of what you have and you will have a peaceful month ahead.

12th Solar Month (6/1/16 - 3/2/16)
This is a good month to reap your rewards. You should take your time to strategize business plan for 2016. Mainstream income is plentiful. However, windfall luck is dim and you should cautiously manage your finances and be frugal. Love life is colorful and there will be good news on the way. For elderly, they should refrain from climbing as they are at risk of suffering from an accidental fall.

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