2015 Chinese Horoscope : General Luck for Monkey Horoscope

by - December 29, 2014

General luck for Monkey Horoscope in 2015
This year, lucky stars are shining brightly at you . Although, there are evil stars appearing in your life chart but it shouldn't be a problem once you know how to remedy it. Always keep in mind not to be arrogant and manage matters with care. You will face sudden risk of losing wealth. For married couples, you should always remain faithful and loving to one another.

For business owner, business will be good. This year is a good year for expanding your business. You will need to pay more attention to the market situation, analyze the market thoroughly before making any investment plan. Execution of business plan should be executed step by step. For working class, you should avoid meddling into other people's affair. Refrain from gossiping as it will land you into trouble. Students should focus on their studies and should avoid spending too much time on their smartphone and gadgets. In addition, avoid gaining quick bucks through illegal means.

This year, health outlook is not very encouraging. Generally, if you eat moderately, exercise and avoid excessive alcohol and smoking, your health will be good. You should take preventive measure against flu virus and go for regular checkups. As for love luck, relationship is good between partners so do not dabble with illicit affairs.

1st Solar Month (4/2/15 - 5/3/15)
This year, everything will go smoothly for Monkey Zodiac. At the beginning of the month, luck is mediocre. There might be some hiccups on business progress and criticism from your customers might come harsh. There will be wealth leaks and you will need to manage your wealth properly. During the festive seasons, avoid excessive intake of alcohol. For teenagers, they should stay away from bad company.

2nd Solar Month (6/3/15 - 4/4/15)
There are lucky stars gathering at your life chart this month. You should make use of this month to implement your business plan progressively. For working class, they should actively build good relationships with their colleagues as it will aid them in their work. Love luck is strong. There will be opportunity to meet the opposite gender and love life is colorful. As for wealth luck, it is advisable not to be involved in speculative investment. Health luck is good but do not overindulge in food.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/15 - 5/5/15)
For business owner, business is doing well and any obstacles will be resolved easily. This is a good time to execute your business plans and undertaking. Keep in mind that you should always personally examine the market conditions before making any decision making. By having the right attitude and passion in the business you do, it will bring you good results. For students, they will need to distinguish good company and bad company. As for wealth luck, it is flourishing and you may make diversified investment or buy property.

4th Solar Month (6/5/15 - 5/6/15)
This month, there is a rapid decline in luck as Evil Stars is causing trouble. In any situation, you should remain calm and do not rush into any decision making during this period. There will be office politics and gossips that will embroil you. If there is any reshuffling of internal structure, it may be helpful to appease conflicts. You should handle any documents with care, especially financial matters. Do not rely on others. You should also guard against intrusion of third party in your relationship. For married couple, they should put in more effort to maintain their relationship.

5th Solar Month (6/6/15 - 6/7/15)
This month, your luck is at its lowest. All business activities will be stagnant. Do not let down your guard even for one moment. You should hold on to your investment and enter the market on a better timing. Do not allow yourself to be over exhausted from work. Mainstream income is good. There is no windfall luck so do not pin on too much hopes. Learn to control your spending. As for health, it is fair and you should have sufficient rest. Finally, your love luck is blossoming and you should go for a short trip with your family members.

6th Solar Month (7/7/15 - 7/8/15)
There are a lot of obstacles this month. There will be improvement in the middle of the month. You should prioritize your work on the urgent basis, work meticulously and move step by step.In the face of your competition, you will strive for the better. For working class, workload are high and by working as a team you will enhance efficiency. You should pay attention to home safety and pay special attention to the need of the elderly and young.

7th Solar Month (8/8/15 - 7/9/15)
This month, luck is brewing strong. All the obstacles that you faced in the previous month is resolved. Business is doing well and new opportunities are emerging so you should seize it.For working class, always keep in mind that by working as a team will only yield good results in sales targets and new business opportunities. As for wealth luck, luck is flourishing and mainstream income is steady. You may expect some windfall in the middle of the month. However, you should not be greedy.

8th Solar Month (8/9/15 - 7/10/15)
There is a slight decline of luck. However, this does not affect your business implementation that you have already executed. By having a good credibility, you will have an advantage above your competitors so keep up the good work. For working class, they should stay away from gossip and focus on their work. There will be wealth leak, you should be cautious in your finances. You will also need to take good care of your health to prevent entanglement of minor ailments.

9th Solar Month (8/10/15 - 7/11/15)
This month is an extremely uncertain and changeable month. You should not let down your guard and stay vigilant. Study the market  situation and strategize your plan accordingly. Learn to invest wisely; do not listen to hearsay of others on money making opportunities. As for love luck, it is smooth, warm and sweet. There will be good news coming soon. Take note of safety and drive carefully.

10th Solar Month (8/11/15 - 6/12/15)
Luck is turning worst. There will be villains who will find fault and hinder your work progress. Although there are villains around you, this is a good time for your business expansion. You will need to be creative and focus on your customers need. For working class, you will need to focus on your work and your talent will be appreciated by your superior. Your mainstream income is steady but you will need to spend within your means. For couples, there will be bickering. Couples will need to be more tolerant and caring towards one another. Avoid walking in the dark alleys at night.

11th Solar Month (7/12/15 - 5/1/16)
This month, luck is improving. Most of the obstacles that you faced in the previous month have been resolved. Business is back on track and it is a good time to explore on new sales channels to maximize sales performance. For working class, they should keep a low profile and should avoid gossiping. Wealth luck is the best this month and windfall luck is possible but do not be overly obsessed with gambling.

12th Solar Month (6/1/16 - 3/2/16)
The existence of lucky stars are shining brightly at you. Grab hold of the opportunity presented to you this month and open up new sales channel to enhance your business performance. Review your current year events and plan for the next year. For working class, they will need to concentrate on learning and enriching themselves to contribute to their career advancement.  As wealth luck is flourishing, you should make diverse investment or buy property.

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