20 Office Feng Shui Tips for Executives

by - December 20, 2013

Feng Shui does not just apply to your home but it can also be applied for executives. Office Feng Shui is important because it is directly related to your mainstream income. Therefore, you can use this Feng Shui tips to improve your fortune.

1) Top executives should be in charge of identifying an auspicious position.

2) The office door should be bigger than the main door than the office.

3) If there is any leakage or cracks on the office ceiling or wall seepage, it is a symbol of leakage of wealth. Remedies must be taken.

4)  The office ceiling must be high, low office ceiling will give people an intimidation feeling which is unlucky and it will impact the development of the business. There is a poor ventilation.

5) The main door of the office should not have poles, trees, chimneys blocking its way.

6) The director or top executives should not sit near a tap because it drains off money unless there is someone with "greater" financial power supporting them.

7) The office stairs cannot face the main office because it will clash with "money" & "health" aura.

8) The wealth position of the office door is in the diagonal position, it should be bright and clean. It should not be empty, you can put flowers to enhance "wealth" aura.

9) If you enter through the main office door and if the toilet is on the side, it is a very bad as the toilet blocks wealth. It is very negative for a business.

10) An office should have windows. If there is poor ventilation and people will "lifeless" affecting the business.

11) Desk right in front of the toilet will be affected by the stench. In the long run, there will be failure to doom.

12) Desk should not be worn or damaged or it will affect the business fortune.

13) Desk should be made with wood materials with iron, steel will affect the magnetic field of the office which will not that satisfactory.

14) There should not be a desk lamp or chandelier on the desk, otherwise it will disadvantage promotion and wealth.

15) There should not be an empty space behind a desk. An empty space should not be a door or window as there is a lack of security, making executive difficult to concentrate on work.

16) The director or top executive should not face the toilet, it will affect the overall operation and business fortune, obstructing wealth.

17) It is best to for a desk to lean against the wall, executive will feel more solid and stable.
18) At the rear of the desk, it should not be a common corridor where people more around because it will cause executives to feel a sense of insecurity and unable to concentrate.

19) Desk should be place near a wall. A wall represent "a backer". It will help promote the business. For directors or top executives or even accounting department, it is best to have privacy.

20) Office lighting should be bright, it would be best to have natural sunlight rather than fluroscent lightiings.

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