10 taboo to avoid in home fengshui

by - December 28, 2013

With the continuous improvement of living standards of the society, many people have become increasingly demanding on their homes location, direction, renovation etc. But many people lack the understanding of home fengshui. A lot of attention and taboos in home fengshui is required in home fengshui.

How much do you know about the taboos in home fengshui?

1. The balcony cannot face the main door & the kitchen.

If the balcony is facing the main door or kitchen, you can pull the curtains for a long period of time as a remedy. Main gate position facing the balcony will form a "pierce through the heart", it will be difficult to accumulate wealth and there will be loss of wealth at home.

Solution: Make a barrier between the main door and the balcony by erecting cabinets or by placing fish tank. (For those with too much water element, please avoid placing fish tank and use other remedies). Can be used as a barrier or a balcony window to the balcony potted plants and lianas, pull the curtains for a long time is also feasible.

2. The balcony cannot face the kitchen.

The balcony cannot face the kitchen as this is a form of "pierce through the heart", it will cause weaken the unity of the family either the husband/wife will have an affair outside and the children will always not be at home.

Solution: Create a flower cabinet and placed potted plant creepers at the balcony to separate the balcony and the kitchen. It can used to block sound. For the balcony, try to pull the curtain or door between the balcony and the kitchen, without affecting the occupants movement by the cabinet. In short, you have to block the vision of "balcony to kitchen".

3. Sofas and beds can not be placed below the beam
If couch are placed under beams, ceiling decoration are used to block "evil" yin forces. Sofa and bed can not be placed under the beam, for those who uses the couch or bed for a long period of time, it will cause the body to have ache and pain easily.
Workaround: Avoid couches and beds on the bottom of the beam or girder approach to decorating wrap on the outside can not reveal it.

4. If water elements will extinguish that person elements, they should avoid putting a fish tank at home.
Solution: Check your ba zi (your birth date) to check whether any of your elements will be extinguish by the water elements. Wood parts Earth (such as roots; or, Trees can prevent soil erosion),Earth dams (or muddies or absorbs) Water,Water extinguishes Fire,Fire melts Metal and Metal chops Wood

5. canopy made of vertical curved eaves to avoid the arrow.
Vertical canopy porch eaves, can not show arrow, often out on the balcony by the body adversely.
Solution: no hanging eaves, such as hanging eaves must, as far as possible and not made sharp curved shape.

6. the stove should not be placed in front of the bit Agency balcony door or kitchen door.

Stove should not be placed in front of the Department bit balcony door or the kitchen door, which is often the home health detrimental diner.
Solution: You can upload curtain at the door, as a barrier.

7. At home, do not mirror any installation to avoid damage to the indoor field. 
Sometimes the room to show the effect of the extension, like to use a mirror as a decoration, but best not to install Omo bedroom mirror, will make the deposit which the heart's magnetic field as a result of self-reflection and disorders.
Solution: If you have to install the mirror, but also to a wall is appropriate, do not install both sides, resulting in reflection. ,Or use furniture made of cloth curtain to cover up.

8. At home, planting should choose broad leaf plants, avoid the shrill election cactus leaves, and prone to dispute tongue.

Home planting should be chosen. Do not plant species slender leaves, so that the host tongue easily provoke disputes. Ferns and plants like kudzu best not to species, such plants over the shade, if the length of the lush, home easily provoke "unclean" things.
Workaround: To elect broad foliage, or the vitality of flowers is appropriate.

9. the home location of the toilet is not in the "palace"
Toilet bit feng shui in the home department, is very important, if the plane nine decile house located in the middle of that piece of home "in the Palace", the home location of the toilet is not in the "palace", the so-called " ,toilet accounted for in the Palace "on the home and family good fortune is not good.

Solution: If the construction company has put the house on the toilet, washbasin and toilet try to swap, or long-term storage in the tub, you can improve. House toilet should not be placed "in the Palace" location housing.

10. building exterior modifications shall get some prominence as head and other large objects

In addition to interior, exterior architectural modification is also important. ,Someone get some prominence as the head table in the house and other large objects, from the outside it seems like a tumor houses. ,This imagery is not good exterior, but also in the home feng shui should try to avoid.

Solution: Choose plain façade, Founder without special needs, do not arbitrarily change the appearance of the house.

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