2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Monkey Horoscope

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General Luck of Monkey Horoscope in 2018
Fortune for this year will be filled with obstacles and setbacks as malevolent stars are in your life chart. Remain steadfast and always be cautious. Aim find success within defeat.

Be prepared for sudden predicaments or adversities at work as career luck is lacking Exercise caution and vigilance when handling matters at work. Be patient and remain steadfast Hold back on business expansion as it will be arduous. Working individuals should remain in their current jobs as it is not opportune time for career changes. Health status good but do health checks regularly. Pay more attention to the health of your family members, especially the elderly or those suffering from chronic illnesses. Do not be negligent. Seek medical help early when unwell, do not delay.

Wealth star is dim hence wealth luck is unspeakable. It is advisable to save up for rainy days Pay attention to daily expenditure Spend within means to prevent financial crisis. Do not invest blindly as losses will be great. Watch your company finances closely, do not tolerate small mistakes. No romance luck, let nature takes its course.

Monkey Zodiac Monthly Forecast

1st Solar Month (4/2/18 - 4/3/18)
Fortune is lacking this year. Even in spring your luck is unfavorable. Stay grounded and prepared in advance. Postpone all investments. Wait patiently for opportune time. Be clearheaded order to analysis the market. Wealth luck is unpredictable; do not gamble or invest to avoid losing large sums of money. Invasion of 3rd party in your relationship causes upheaval. Health status is unpromising. Take care as you might be bombarded by numerous minor ailments.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/18 - 4/4/18)
Fortune is brilliant like the sun. Seize this opportune time to put plans of starting new ventures or business expansion into action. Obstacles at work will be resolved. Working individuals will be for your efforts, recognition will ensue. Wealth luck has improved slightly but still unfavorable to invest. Money likely to flow out as fast as it comes in. Personal health is excellent, but take care of the health and safety of elderly at home.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/18 - 4/5/18)
This the opportune time to go all out to develop your business or start new ventures as fortune is favorably prosperous. There is huge progress at work but always abide by the law in matters. Avoid shortcuts to prevent legal prob ems. Working individuals have to boost inter personal relations for better career luck Wealth luck is lacking. Save as much as you can and do not take up loans. Guard against getting injured Couples have to be more understanding towards one another.

4th Solar Month (5/5/18 - 5/6/18)
The "Yi Ma star is shining upon you, hence fortune improves greatly. Remain calm and focus on making progress. Await opportune time work on expansion. Working individuals need not rush to be creative or change as this is not favorable time. Wealth luck improves greatly but expenses are high. Manage your finances prudently. Health status is positive. Do not overwork and avoid water activities. There will be no progress in romance or relationship.

5th Solar Month (6/6/18 - 6/7/18)
Business activities at a standstill impeded by numerous obstacles. There are many personnel disputes too. You have brilliant ways and ability to adapt. Hence wait patiently for opportunities to present themselves. Pay attention to the blood pressure, arthritic and heart issues of the elderly. Refrain from climbing to avoid falls from heights. Wealth vault is damaged; there will be monetary leak or loss. Not favorable time for romance hence unable to communicate with opposite gender.
6th Solar Month (7/7/18 - 6/8/18)
Fortune has stabilized slightly and ill luck has dissipated temporarily. However, the pressure brought about by personnel disputes has not eased up. Matters of the heart are complex and difficult to rationalize. Hence make clear decisions, do not procrastinate for the benefit of all involved. Wealth star flickers constantly. There might some positive fortune but no windfall luck. Health is good but is subject to digestive problems. Adjust your diet accordingly.

7th Solar Month (7/8/18 - 7/9/18)
Business operations are stable but work progress is impeded by obstacles. Remain calm and composed to handle the situation to avoid wasted efforts. Be wary of wolves in sheep lurking around, waiting to eat you up. Avoid huge investments and stay away from speculative activities. Wealth luck is mediocre. Manage your wealth prudently as there may be unexpected expenses. Couples have to work on improving your relationships. Guard against getting injured.

8th Solar Month (8/9/18 - 7/10/18)
Fortune has gone from bad to worse. Sales i bad and the market lacks robustness. Some plans have to be stalled. It will be a tough and laborious period. Stay away from bad influences to avoid getting entrapped. Be very cautious at you are likely to get injured. Relationships remain complex and uncontrollable, let nature takes its course.Wealth luck is weak becomes dormant.  

9th Solar Month (8/10/18 - 6/11/18)
Fortune turns positive and prosperous. Remain alert, there will be unexpected changes. Be adaptable in order to survive and succeed. Personnel disputes have been resolved. Try to increase sales volume  or open new avenues. If working individuals are able to seize opportunities showcase your creativity, promotion and raise will ensue. Main income is stable, financial status improved. You may meet someone you are interested in but successful courtship will be tough.

10th Solar Month (7/11/18 - 6/12/18)
Fortune takes a plunge towards negativity. Work is impeded by obstacles. Remain steadfast, there are many traps around you. Be very cautious in managing your finances or investments. Do not be rash. Resolve internal personnel disputes early. This can be an auspicious month for great changes. Working individuals should try to strive for success amidst changes. Be understanding towards loved ones. Take care of your health. Seek medical help early when unwell.  

11th Solar Month (7/12/18 - 4/1/19)
Although fortune has become favorable but work progress is subject to severe challenges. Any slight negligence may have catastrophic effects. Personnel disputes is still an issue. Be cautious when handling matters. Remain composed, be firm and confident in facing adversities. Romance luck is unspeakable  hence it will be tough to have breakthroughs. Main income is not ideal; do not invest or gamble. Health is good but watch what you eat.  

12th Solar Month (5/1/19 - 3/2/19)
Malevolent stars invade, hence fortune is hardly favorable. Pressure builds up as you are constantly troubled by personnel disputes and rumors. Those in business or employed should not make huge investments or expand business operations. Be vigilant to avoid unnecessary losses. Imperative to settle personnel fast. This year's experience should serve as reference for next year. Health is poor; rest more. Pay attention and prevent old ailments of elderly from recurring.


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