2018 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Horse Horoscope

Born in 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990

General Luck of Horse Horoscope in 2018
Although your life chart is dominated by malevolent stars, fortunately lucky stars like "San Tai" and "Tian Jie", help to dissipate the negativity. Hence, your fortune is prosperous amidst negativity. Do not try to do all things on your own.

Those in business have to put in more effort to get things going in order to push for positive outcome in difficult times. When dealing with others, always be humble and modest in order to gain trust and help as it may lead to opportunities. Be mindful of your words and action. Be sure to seize the right opportune time to embark on business expansion or new ventures. If unsure, it is better to postpone such plans. Working individuals have to be humble and teachable, as arrogance will only bring about failure. Health is rather good but be wary of getting hurt. Pay extra attention to the health and household safety of the little ones at home. 

Mediocre wealth luck but substantial main income. There might some windfall gains but expenses are high too. Be thrifty and cut back on unnecessary spending. Romance luck is lacking. Youths should not be in relationships at such young age as it will affect their studies or work. Female born in the Horse zodiac are likely to be hurt by love.

Horse Zodiac Monthly Forecast
1st Solar Month (4/2/18 - 4/3/18)
Fortune outlook for this year tends to fluctuate, Hence even in the new spring, fortune is rather unstable. Those interested in starting new ventures or venturing into new markets have to hold on as failure rate may be high. No wealth luck, do not invest. Main income is promising but expenses may be high. Pay more attention to the safety and health of the young ones at home. Personal health status is pretty good. Do appropriate exercises and eat in moderation.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/18 - 4/4/18)
You will encounter endless problems at work as fortune waver turbulently. Stay composed, hang on tight and remain at status quo to tide over this difficult period. Your efforts seem to come to naught. Working individuals should know when to hold your tongue and refrain from being confrontational. Relationship cannot progress as couples quarrel frequently, Wealth luck is unpredictable, do not invest or gamble. Health is lacking, go for regular check-ups. 

3rd Solar Month (5/4/18 - 4/5/18)
Fortune turns positive as lucky stars enter life chart. Obstacles at work are resolved. Be wary of despicable people who would spread and rumours. Be bold, inventive and adaptable in order to survive. Ignore the rumors and hear says. Relationships may be subject to unfavorable slanderous gossips, do not take it to heart. Tensed emotions affect health, hence it is advisable to go on holiday to relax and chase away the worries. 

4th Solar Month (5/5/18 - 5/6/18)
Previous ill luck has dissipated, hence fortune is now prosperous and sales be rolling in. Favorable returns from investments and reputation is rising. A good month to embark on great plans. Gather the opinions of others as reference for future development. Working individuals will shine as they contribute greatly at work due to their quick-wits and skillfulness. Bountiful influx of wealth. Invest prudently but do not squander it away. Huge progress in love.

5th Solar Month (6/6/18 - 6/7/18)
Your fortune may seem prosperous but there are hidden dangers or situations of of insufficient funds may arise. Always be cautious. Cast aside prejudices and distinguish the severity clearly from start till end. Working individuals should not overpower authority. Health luck fluctuates, avoid water activities. Wealth luck is unstable, manage your finances carefully to prevent huge losses and guard against monetary traps. Budget wisely to avoid financial crisis.

6th Solar Month (7/7/18 - 6/8/18)
Fortune is renewed. Previous ill luck and obstacles are removed. Work progress is back on track. Work hard to uphold credibility, business performance will soar. Continue to communicate with co-workers and clients. If there is "Fire' element in your birth characters, your fortune for this month will be prosperous, else it will be the opposite. Great improvement in wealth luck: investments, new ventures or real estate purchase reap returns. Put some attention to your relationship too.

7th Solar Month (7/8/18 - 7/9/18)
Work progress is not promising as many unexpected complications arise due to unfavorable fortune. Remain composed and steadfast, be on high alert and do no be rash. Wealth luck fluctuates with no windfall luck. Watch your spending closely. Take care of your health as you will be plagued with minor ailments. Romance luck is unpredictable and so is your partner's attitude. Besides paying attention to household safety. 

8th Solar Month (8/9/18 - 7/10/18)

Fortune takes a favorable turn hence business operations progress smoothly and back on track. Seize this golden opportunity to figure out the direction for future development. Zoom in on target and give it your best shot, wealth star is still hidden hence guard your wealth closely. Do not spend unnecessarily to avoid spending beyond means. Love relationship is like a mirage. Pay attention to safety to prevent getting injured. Be very careful and do not speed.

9th Solar Month (8/10/18 - 6/11/18)

This month's fortune is extremely prosperous as lucky stars shine upon you. Businesses enjoy bountiful returns due to good fortune and your courage to innovate. Fostering good relationships helps create opportunities. Benefactors' aid is strong, investments will reap substantial returns. Wealth luck flourishes but changes radically. Favourable to travel abroad. Plentiful main income but no windfall luck. Health is good but pay attention to food hygiene. Eat meals on time to prevent digestive problems.

10th Solar Month (7/11/18 - 6/12/18)

Fortune continues to be brilliant like the sun, Many issues are resolved swiftly. Business progress in leaps and bounds with benefactor help and guidance. Seize this opportune time make the first move to prevent others from getting ahead. Wealth luck is prosperous at start of the month but weakens towards month-end. There seems to be a second spring In romance but it is just temporary. Guard against getting injured as "Jian Feng" star invades.
11th Solar Month (7/12/18 - 4/1/19)

Fortune becomes turbulent. As long as you are mentally prepared to resolve personnel issues, rumors and disputes, and handle everything cautiously, achievements are within reach. Working individuals have to communicate and cooperate frequently with co-workers. Pay attention to food hygiene. You may have sleeping problems. Couples often quarrel over nothing. Try to salvage the relationship, else break up is inevitable. Guard against monetary loss.

12th Solar Month (5/1/19 - 3/2/19)

Everything becomes smooth sailing and unobstructed due to presence of lucky stars Business performance soars to greater heights. Guard corporate secrets very closely, else all previous efforts will come to naught. Health improves greatly. But, pay attention to the safety of young ones at home. Old ailments of elderly in the household may recur. Wealth is rolling in due to blessings and protection from "Wealth God". In love, let nature takes it course.


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