2017 Chinese Horoscope Predictions : General Luck of Tiger Horoscope

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General Luck of TIger Horoscope in 2017
In 2017, there are numerous auspicious stars gathering in your life chart making it a very smooth sailing and prosperous year. You will be able to strive for success through stability and be flexible in adapting to changes. There will be numerous changes at work so you will need to be vigilant. As "Bing Fu" start is present, you will need to pay attention to your health condition. Although your wealth luck is prosperous but wealth leaks easily with high probability of thefts or robberies. Tiger zodiac will be able to meet potential suitors but finding the right one is not easy.

In work, you will need to handle all matters personally. Careful planning is required for business expansion and you will need to monitor the changes that will affect the outcome of your plans. Think carefully before executing any plan. For working individuals, you should communicate with your superiors and co-workers regularly. Avoid taking any arbitrary actions. Due to stress, health condition is not promising and you will fall sick easily. Take good care of your body and do not overeat and indulge in alcohol to guard against contagious illness.

Although wealth luck may be favorable but invest moderately to reduce risks. To prevent any financial crisis, reduce any unnecessary spending. At home, secured all doors and windows to prevent robberies. You may be surrounded by many people of the opposite sex, however, you will have yet discover your ideal partner making you feel depress.

Tiger Zodiac Monthly Forecast
1st Solar Month (3/2/17 - 4/3/17)
2017 is a smooth sailing year for the Tiger Zodiac. During the festive month, luck will be average. Although everything seems to be calm and peaceful but there are actually hidden problems underneath. Pay more attention to identify the problems. Work pressure will be immense and you should try to complete assigned tasks on hand. Pay attention to your health as you will be likely to fall sick. Avoid overworking. Wealth luck is not favorable and you should avoid investing.

2nd Solar Month (5/3/17 - 3/4/17)
This month, there is gradual improvement in luck, however, you will need to be careful. When executing your plan, you should stick to the plans. Take caution against slipping into crisis when carrying out your work. Health condition has improved, continue to watch your diet. Wealth luck is good but not sustaining. You may invest at the beginning of the month and stop by the end of the month. There may be a suitable partner that appear in your life, however it is only short-lived.

3rd Solar Month (4/4/17 - 4/5/17)
This is a turbulent month for the tiger zodiac. Be alert and cautious in every action you take. Always exercise patient at work and remain calm and act before you take any action. Do not follow the crowd blindly. Luck fluctuate greatly. There will be no windfall luck so do not gamble or make any major investment. Due to stress, your health status is not satisfactory. Seek medical treatment when you are not feeling well before it becomes a bigger health issue.

4th Solar Month (5/5/17 - 4/6/17)
Negative fortune has yet turn positive. In addition to your existing problems, you are facing new personnel dispute. Work on your interpersonal relationship with your co-workers to resolve personnel dispute. This will turn the situation around and do you a big favor. As wealth luck is poor, there is a possibility of wealth luck. Manage your finance wisely. At home, pay attention to household safety. Make sure all doors and windows are locked to prevent theft.

5th Solar Month (5/6/17 - 6/7/17)
Luck have turn for the better. All obstacles faced previously have been resolved and finally efforts have been paid off. Make use of the opportunity to work hard and achieve greater success. Relationships improved as a result of you showering your partner with lots of affection. Do not be overindulge in your love life and neglect your work causing plans to stall. Wealth luck is excellent and mainstream income is stable. You will be able to achieve more by relying on yourself and hard work will be paid off.

6th Solar Month (7/7/17 - 6/8/17)
This month, luck turns unfavorable. As a result of letting your guard down, competitors may surpass or take advantage of you. For working individuals, they should communicate with their co-workers more to prevent being cast aside from your team. You will need to pay attention to food hygiene. Avoid raw food as it will make you unwell. Be prudent on your finances and save up for the rainy days so that you won't be caught off guard.

7th Solar Month (7/8/17 - 6/9/17)
This month, luck has taken a nosedive. There will be obstacles on work progress and things will not be carried out smoothly. There will be many setbacks and you will need to guard against leakage of corporate secrets. Handle sensitive and important work personally and adapt to the situations according. Do not be overly persistent when you are dealing with relationships as being overly demanding will lead to a broken relationship. For Tiger Zodiac aged 56 will have to look out for martial problems. Wealth luck is bad this month.

8th Solar Month (7/9/17 - 7/10/17)
This month is the most unfavorable month in the year of Rooster for the Tiger Zodiac. Luck is unfavorable as a result of many inauspicious stars gathering in your chart. In work, there are many resistance along with personnel disputes. You will need to communicate with your co-workers and superiors proactively to avoid any misunderstandings and any unnecessary suspicion. Take note of your personal safety as there is a likely chance of injury from falling objects. Pay attention to your surroundings. For finances, maintain a balance between your income and expenses.

9th Solar Month (8/10/17 - 6/11/17)
After a few months of ominous luck, good luck have finally return. All setback faced previously have been resolved. Make use of this month to enter into new ventures or expand your business. Seize the opportunity before your competitors does so. To ensure positive outcome in relationship, spend more time with your loves one. Wealth luck is good. Mainstream income is plentiful along with some windfall luck. Beware of cheats and fraud that will result in monetary losses.

10th Solar Month (7/11/17 - 6/12/17)
Good luck continues to flow into this month. In order to achieve greater success, you should work hand in hand with external business partner and your staff. Bringing unity to your team will motivate, attract and retain reliable talents to compliment with your team's efforts. There will be relationship trouble and you will need to decide if you want to continue or stop. Make a decision and move on. Wealth luck is promising. However, do note that it will not last forever. Save up for the rainy days.

11th Solar Month (7/12/17 - 4/1/18)
Luck turns unfavorable. There will be many obstacles in business progress and many setbacks. When times are bad, you will have to exercise more patience. Do not quarrel with others. It is important to work harmoniously with your co-workers and superiors. Romance luck is poor. Feelings towards each other is lukewarm and may be pointless to persist. There is a likelihood of sustaining injuries, avoid dark alleys at night to avoid getting hurt.

12th Solar Month (5/1/18 - 3/2/18)
Luck gradually improves this month but there will still be issues at work. Rolling out plans will be tedious at the middle of the month. At the end of the month, there will be unexpected issues propping up so be alert. At home, always ensure all windows and doors are properly secured to prevent theft. Health condition is bad and you will fall sick frequently. Seek medical treatment early. Relationship issues will be difficult to resolve. Couples will have to try to change the enmity towards each other.


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