The right method to pray to the Goddess of Mercy

The Goddess of Mercy is a female Buddha, an incarnation of the goodness. It listens and save people in misery. By worshiping the Goddess of Mercy at home, it can keep family members safe. So how do worship the Goddess of Mercy? Let take a look below.

1) The placement of the Goddess of Mercy.
The Goddess of Mercy should be placed directly opposite of the main door. However, if you are unable to place the Goddess of Mercy due to the limitation of the floor plan of your house, you should try your best to place it towards the direction of the main door. It is important that the backing of the statute of the Goddess of Mercy should not be empty. There should be a backing and the back of the wall should not be a toilet or kitchen walls.

The Goddess of Mercy present purity so it should not be placed in the toilet, near room door and in the kitchen. The most important thing to note is never place the Goddess of Mercy in the north direction as hell is situated at the North. 

2) Worshiping items for the Goddess of Mercy
For worship to the Goddess of Mercy, only vegetarian food are allowed such as fresh flowers, fruits, incense and tea. This is also the reason why the Goddess of Mercy is not placed with other deities for worshiping.

3) Prayers to the Goddess of Mercy
Be respectful, keeping physical and mental purity. Be kind to others. That is the most basic fundamental.


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