Bedroom Fengshui for Students - How to furnish your children's room?

A children's future is very important to parents. They are always worried about their studies, their knowledge and the soft skills that they will need to master for the future. Let us take a look below how fengshui can help parents to furnish a children's room and provide them a conducive environment for them to excel in their studies.

 1) Provide the children with a spacious bed and bedroom. Children spent at least 8-9 hours a day in their bed. It is important to provide them with a spacious and comfortable bed. Do not provide them with a small bed as the children are growing. A small bed will affect the growth and development of the children, especially the posture of the children. For the height of the bed, it should be slightly higher than a person's knee.

2) According to the five elements, if the direction of the bed is facing towards the South-West, North-West or North-East direction, it will affect the growth of the children which will lead them to be impetuous, timid, precocious and careless. Therefore, parents should avoid positioning the children's bed towards those direction. Parents should position the bed towards the East and South-East. As these two directions are Wood element in nature, it is conducive for growth and sufficient sunlight that is beneficial to the growth and health of the children.

3) The children's bed should not be placed under the beam. It should not be placed near windows with strong sunlight, near the bathroom, door or backed by the toilet. Do not affixed the bed on the floor and the bottom of the bed should not be empty. It will trap moisture can cause backache. Position the bed where there are some sunlight will help to eliminate the moisture.

4) Finally, the children's bedroom should be quiet and comfortable. Bedroom where noise is located will affect the sleep of the children causing them to have insufficient sleep. With sufficient sleep, the children will be able to perform well in their studies.


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