How to improve your personal luck with other people?

In Feng Shui, people thinks that only feng shui ornaments will help to improve their overall luck. However, they failed to notice that they should also change in their own personal mindset to improve their luck. As the environment is ever-changing, so people will have to adapt and change to the environment accordingly. So how do we improve our luck? Let see some of the pointers below:

1) Improve interpersonal skills with others
To leverage on your luck, you should always improve your interpersonal skills with your colleagues, friends by having a positive mindset. Being positive will attract good karma and it will help to improve your luck and wealth. Others will be more willing to give you opportunity.

2) Be humble and kind towards others
There is a saying "Kindness beget Kindness" - meaning if you want others to treat you well so you should treat other well too. If you are selfish and self-center, you will only get a taste of your own. It will dampen your overall luck.

3) Stay relax and happy
Keeping stress away by releasing your stress and staying happy will help to enhance a person overall luck.

It is important that you are responsible for your own luck. Don't expect others to help you. So be kind to others and you will receive good karma in return.


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