What is the relationship between the placement of fish tank and fengshui?

With improvements of people's quality of life, many people have fish tank in their home, company or even at large shopping center. A fish tank is not just a feng shui decoration, it is can also improve the home environment. By placing the fish tank at the right position helps to improve the family fortune and bring the wealth fortune.

1) Lucky position for the fish tank : Situated at East Facing the West position, Situated at North Facing the South position is the wealth position.
The lucky position will also depends on the year of birth which a person is born. You will need to refer to your own Ba Zi.

2) Do not put electronic appliances facing the fish tank and the god statutes.
The fish tank should not face directly at electronic appliances and god altar. It should be placed in the living room which has the most prominent spot. Fish is considered a lucky mascot fish, therefore you will need to be very careful in positing the fish tank.

3) Do not place the fish tank near the fire stove.
Do not place the fish tank near the fire stock as the fish tank represent "water element" and the fire stove represent "fire element". This is a direct clash if element, hence it is inauspicious. The fish tank in the living room should not be facing in a straight line with the kitchen stove in the kitchen, otherwise, it would undermine the health of their families members. Similarly, for altar do not position it in line with the fish tank.


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