Fengshui Decoration : What is the connotations of the money tree?

Money tree is a relatively common feng shui ornaments. It is also known as Lucky trees which most people are familiar with. Many families and companies like to put some money tree at home or at their office hoping to attract good fortune? So what is the connotations of the money tree? Let check it out below.

Many people are fond of the money tree generally because it brings good luck and fortune to the home and companies. Now, it comes in the form of crystal which can enhance the positive energy and bring good luck and fortune to its users after blessing by the masters.

A home with money tree is everyone's dream. Money tree symbolize abundance cash, noble and serenity. Money tree is said to be a legendary magical tree that is the essence of heaven and earth. The branches of the money tree will produce an infinite amount of money. It is China's sacred tree.
The money tree will strengthen the magnetic field at home/office attract positive energy, good luck and fortune, popularity and abundant of vitality.

The crystal money tree is made up of many crystals. The crystal color varies depending on the types of gems used and it will serve different purpose. The main function of the crystals are to enhance the magnetic fields, purify the body, ward off evil spirits, security and peace and to stay healthy marital happiness.

The money tree should be placed in the living room entrance where it is visible or it can be placed on a 45-degree angle of the wealth position. Remember to keep the money tree clean by wiping the tree and it will serve you well by bringing you good luck and good fortune.


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