Feng Shui Plant : What is lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana)?

The most common feng shui plant that people usually place at home or at office is "Lucky Bamboo" or known as Dracaena sanderiana. So what does Lucky Bamboo do? Let's see the below.

Lucky Bamboo is actually not a type of bamboo but a member of Dracaena. It is believed to enhance chi energy and bring good luck. Lucky bamboo consist of the stems of Dracaena that are tied into three, five, seven pagoda towers. It is exquisite in outlook, full of life and have the meaning of good fortune. That's why it is so popular among feng shui enthusiast.

Where should i put the Lucky Bamboo?
1) Place it on current year Wen Chang position (North-West) to increase popularity, career advancement and excel in studies.

2) Place it on the blessing Position to aid in family harmony, happiness and joy.

3) Place it on your work desk or study desk to enhance fortune.

4) Place it on top of the fridge, kitchen or toilet to negate negative energy and to ward off evil spirits.

5) Hang inside or outside of the door entrance will bring vibrant, prosper to the family.

6) Place it on the staircase to ward off evil spirits.

7) Place it on the left and right side of the door can greatly improve the family fortune.

8) Place it at the entrance corner of the living room helps to absorb the positive energy.


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