2015 Chinese Horoscope : General Luck for Dog Horoscope

General Luck for Dog Horoscope in 2015
The bad luck in 2014 will be washed away this year. However, there are still evil stars that gathers in your life chart this year. This year, there will be lucky stars helping you out to ensure you have a smooth year ahead. Take note that there are still "Bing Fu" and "Juan She" evil stars that is prominent in your life chart. Dog Zodiac will need to be mindful of your speech, thoughts and action.

Dog Zodiac will need to avoid being a risk taker in career and work. Take your work with strive. For entrepreneurs, you will need to conduct market research before starting you start the business. Business will go well but you will need to keep a low profile to avoid people's jealousy. For students, they will enjoy increase creativity and literary flair. Take the opportunity to achieve better academic achievements this year.

This year, your health is not in good shape as "Bing Fu" illness stars is creating havoc in your life chart. You will plagued by pains, illness and aching.You will need to pay more attention to your food hygiene and a proper diet. Visit doctor and have regular check ups and avoid any dangerous activities. Beware of accident. For couples, they will need to be careful with affection, trust and communication. You should guard against illicit romance that will ruin your current love life.

1st Solar Month (4/2/15 - 5/3/15)
There are a combination of lucky stars and evil stars. This year is still considered as a smooth sailing year. Early spring is a good time for business implementation. You should be prepared to roll out the business plan step by step.Try to improve your relationship with others and attend networking activities. By doing so, you will be able to improve your business and career luck. As for wealth luck, luck is excellent at the beginning of the month but it decline towards the end of the month. Refrain from any speculative investment at month end.

2nd Solar Month (6/3/15 - 4/4/15)
There will be conflict taking place internally as vile person tries to create disputes between personnel. You should learn to protect yourself and distinguish friends from enemies otherwise things will be disastrous. As for wealth luck, it is normal. You should avoid any risky and illegal activities. For students, they should avoid excessive gaming and focus on their academic results. When you are outdoor, you will need to take note of road safety as this is an accident prone month.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/15 - 5/5/15)
This month, there is a rapid decline of luck as there is an invasion of evil stars. You should analyze the market situation before entering any business investment. For students, they will need to be more involved in extra curriculum activities. This month, students will be more vulnerable to gastro-intestinal tract illness this month, pay special attention to food hygiene. For working class, this will be a busy week so you will need to accomplish the assigned task on time.You will need to examine personally all company accounts. Find out the vulnerabilities to prevent any financial crisis. As for romance luck, it us growing by leaps and bounces.

4th Solar Month (6/5/15 - 5/6/15)
There is a slight improvement of luck this month and existing projects are taking its course smoothly. Socialize and rekindle ties with your old friends as it will bring you more business opportunities. For working class, your work performance will be affected by vile person that cause your trouble. You should seek remedy fast. There will be unexpected expenses this month so you should refrain from excessive spending. Try to save for the rainy days. As for health luck, it is bad so you must beware of food poisoning.

5th Solar Month (6/6/15 - 6/7/15)
This is a bright sunny month. It is also a good month for execution of business plan. Be confident and innovative to form a new business concept. It will work extremely well. As for wealth luck, it is prosperous. Both mainstream income and windfall is excellent. You can make diversify investment. Do not be greedy as it will bring you downfall. Also, you will need to pay attention to food hygiene and guard against food poisoning.

6th Solar Month (7/7/15 - 7/8/15)
Good luck from previous month is declining. There will be tough competitions from competitors accompanied by internal dispute. It is important to resolve any internal disputes as soon as possible to prevent it from getting out of hand. First priority of business contracts is to make sure that all the stated clause is accomplished. Always stay truthful to your lover to avoid any misunderstanding. You should take note of your health, especially your breathing problems. You will need to seek help from the doctor. Avoid walking in dark alleys and drive safely.

7th Solar Month (8/8/15 - 7/9/15)
There will be an unexpected situation that strikes. Business project activities will come to a halt and you will encounter a lot of problem. You will need to stay focus as vile person will attack you when you are the most vulnerable. It is better for you to seek advice from others as they will be able to provide better insight.You should keep watch of your valuable and beware of burglary. As for your income luck, mainstream income is stable but do not over spend and your finances will be safe. You should guard against intrusion of third party in your love and make an effort to maintain the relationship.

8th Solar Month (8/9/15 - 7/10/15)
Things are getting better this month and strategy for your competitors have been set. You can go full gear on your business implementation, set solid foundation for your business and guard against invaders. For working class, you should pay extra attention when handling documents. You will need to distinguish ally from foes and be cautious against being setup by vile persons. As for wealth luck, wealth is fair and you should spend within your means. For elderly, they should take good care of old ailments as they will likely to relapse.

9th Solar Month (8/10/15 - 7/11/15)
There are lucky stars gathering around you this month. Previous month misspells are being blown away. Business operations are going well. You should take advantage of this month to establish undertaking. For working class, there are chances of overseas posting. You should grab this opportunity as traveling is good for career extension.  As for wealth luck, it is flourishing. With the right investment, income is plentiful. You must save for the rainy days and do not overspend. Romance luck is good and there will be good news coming on your way.

10th Solar Month (8/11/15 - 6/12/15)
This month, your superior will be impress by your good performance. There will be increment and promotion coming your way. For business owner, there are increase of sales and profit. You should remain humble to avoid igniting jealousy of others. As wealth star is shining high, mainstream income and windfall are plentiful. As for health luck, you should avoid overeating when you are socializing and you will be prone to food poisoning. In addition, you should learn to live in harmony with your family.

11th Solar Month (7/12/15 - 5/1/16)
This month is a month full of twists and turn. In front of good luck lies with some obstacles ahead. You will need to stay vigilant and think of a solution. For working class, you will need to stay focus on your work and do not get involved in company politics especially with those concerning upper management. As wealth luck is dull, you should refrain from gambling and speculative investment. Try to avoid outdoor activities as this is an accident prone month. Do not speed.

12th Solar Month (6/1/16 - 3/2/16)
Although this month seems to be very peaceful but it may not seems to be the case. You should slow down all your business activities and always remain calm in all situation. For working class, you will need to strengthen your relationship with others. As wealth luck is declining, you should avoid gambling or you will lose greatly. There is turmoil in love and you should resolve it as soon as possible to avoid parting.


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