2015 Chinese Horoscope : General Luck for Ram Horoscope

General luck for Ram Horoscope in 2015
The Ram Zodiac is in conflict with "Tai Sui" this year. There are also many inauspicious stars in your life chart. At work, you will encounter many obstructions. Luckily, if you are calm and flexible you will be able to deal with it. This year, it is advisable to remain steady and remain low profile. By doing so, you will be able to avoid the crisis and keep out off trouble. In the first half of the year, things will be bad for you but as you enter the second half of the year things start to get better.

As evil stars gather in your life chart, it will create havoc and decrease your luck. For career, there will be obstruction and you must remain calm. Do not act on impulse. Endure these harsh period and everything will go on smoothly for you. For working class, there will be an increase of workload. Students will need to put in extra effort in order to achieve good results. You will need to curb your temper in order to reduce friction with your classmates.

Even though, you do not have good fortune this year, health luck is still consider quite good. You should continue good health practices such as annual health screening. In addition, as Ram Zodiac is in conflict with Tai Sui, the risk of injuries and accidents increase so you will need to pay more attention when you are outdoor. As for love luck, lovers will enjoy a smooth relationship. Lastly, in any relationship couples need to have mutual trust and need to guard against gossips that may hurt the relationship.

1st Solar Month (4/2/15 - 5/3/15)
In 2015, you are in conflict with "Tai Sui" so your life chart is mostly filled with evil stars. This is a bad year for the Ram Zodiac. You should think before you speak to avoid landing yourself into trouble. You will need to think before you act. It may seem peaceful in work or business, however, it is not the case. There will be unexpected circumstances that happens. You will need to remain calm and come up with a solution. You will need to pay attention to your intestinal illness, especially your daily diets and hygiene. For students, they will need to be extra careful when they participate in outdoor activities.

2nd Solar Month (6/3/15 - 4/4/15)
This month, things start to get better. This month, you will be able to carry business project that is on hold. You should expand your social circle to increase your business contacts which is useful to increase your sales performance. For working class, travelling will enhance your career opportunities. As for wealth luck, it is good in the beginning of the month but as it approaches month end, wealth luck turn for the worst. For housewives, they should monitor their spending.

3rd Solar Month (5/4/15 - 5/5/15)
Luck is on the reverse. There will be many unpleasant events that will take place. You should remain vigilant and do not panic. If you encounter problems, you may seek advice from veteran. You should not act on your own as it will cause your defeat. Uphold law and order is the your motto for this year, as getting into trouble with the law will land you into lawsuits. For working class, they should keep in mind not to be involve in any gossips and avoid getting involved in other people's affairs. Try to be more tolerant and considerate for your lover this year. As for wealth luck, luck is bleach so do not invest this month. You should take note of safety at home.

4th Solar Month (6/5/15 - 5/6/15)
This month, luck is getting worst. There will be vile person finding fault and hinder you at work. You should remain defensive and observe the situation and act accordingly. Wealth luck is very poor, keep reserve for rainy days. Do not be offensive in your speech as it will land you into trouble.  This month, there will be a lot of networking opportunities. You might have a chance to know people of the opposite gender. This is a good chance for singles.

5th Solar Month (/6/6/15 - 6/7/15)
After a few months of bad luck, most of the obstacles and problems that you faced will be resolved. You will still encounter some obstacles at the beginning of the month, however, it will get better by the middle of the month. For working class, work will be busy. If you put in extra effort, you will gain more. Mainstream income is stable, however, expenses is on the high side. You will need to reduce unnecessary expenses. You will need to stay on guard against water activities and robbery when outdoor or overseas.

6th Solar Month (7/7/15 - 7/8/15)
This is the best month of the year. Lucky stars are shinning at you brightly. This is a good month to execute your business plan and diversify investments will bring you good return. This month, there will be plentiful of business opportunities. For working class, there are chances for promotion and increment. As for wealth luck, it is getting better. You should pay attention to the market situation before making any investment. Avoid alcohol and smoking intake as it is harmful to your health. For married couples you should always stay loyal and faithful to your spouse.

7th Solar Month (8/8/15 - 7/9/15)
There is a rapid drop of luck which caught you off luck. It is a blessing that business plan that are executed last month have been accomplished. You will need to be vigilant and patient in this tough period. There are vile persons around you that will trick you and persuade you that you will regret later so do not fall into their traps. When you are outdoor, avoid water activities. As for wealth luck is poor, you will need to manage your wealth carefully to avoid financial crisis. Romance luck is bumpy, quarrels and disputes are inevitable.

8th Solar Month (8/9/15 - 7/10/15)
Luck has slightly improved, however, you should not be complacent as what seems to be calm on the surface may turn out to be differ otherwise. You should beware of vile person around you, choose your ally wisely. For working class, stress is high and the effort that you put in your work will be in vain. It is important that you do not lend or borrow money to anybody.

9th Solar Month (8/10/15 - 7/11/15)
This is a month full of disputes as Evil Stars is causing trouble. There will be a lot of obstacles and frustration at work and competition stress from the competitors. Internal personal disputes will also exhaust you. In any situation, you should be calm and composed in managing any incoming circumstances. As the vile persons are gaining strength, they will stir troubles for you. As long as you are not greedy and ignore their trickery, they will be unable to plot against you. There will be a lot of arguments between couples due to the frustration faced this year. Couples should be more tolerant and considerate of each other.

10th Solar Month (8/11/15 - 6/12/15)
Obstacles are clearing as your luck starts to improve. For working class, you should avoid gossiping. Use this month to complete all the assigned task to clear off all your workload. There will be a leak of wealth. You should take care of your valuables and beware of mugging. As for relationship luck, things remain poor. Try to be more understanding towards your partner. You will need to forgive and forget. Be more tolerant and forgiving.

11th Solar Month (7/12/15 - 5/1/16)
Luck declines rapidly. You will feel very frustrated as you encounter many setbacks and disputes. This is a bad timing for executing any of your business plan. Business owner will have to wait for a better timing to execute their business. Use this month to build your relationship with your business partners and employees. This will help you in your business. Conflict between couples will be resolved soon. As for wealth luck, it is normal this month. You should avoid any risk or illegal activities. Networking session are plentiful however you will need to avoid drinking and smoking.

12th Solar Month (6/1/16 - 3/2/16)
Luck is still poor this month. This month, you should sit back and review the events that happen and plan ahead for the next year. You should be meticulous and finalize the right strategy and techniques before execution. Do not be impulsive and make any rash decision. As for wealth luck, it is an average month. Mainstream income is steady however there will be no windfall income. Health condition is good. However, you should beware of road hazards and do not speed.


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