Feng Shui at Home Vs Feng Shui in Office

Home is a place for people to live. In this highly competitive modern society, you will face with villain everyday. So, home is a place for people to rest and recharge. Not only is office feng shui is important for career but home feng shui as well.

In reality, many people have the misconception that only office fengshui is good enough for career. They even hire fengshui master for advice for office fengshui. Many businessman are particular about their Office fengshui but when it cones to their home, it is very messy. Although, most of the people are at home for a short period of time, but it will still affect business and career fortune.

Below are some simple and easy ways to improve the feng shui at home for business and career fortune

1. In the East, put some red furniture and accessories , such as mahogany strap, red, etc. , can make your family full of vigor, favorable business and academic.

2. Yellow represent wealth, while the West is considered the leading wealth and position. If you put yellow ornament accessories such as yellow citrine or other items, it can enhance strong magnetic fields for wealth.

3. It is beneficial to home owner to have white crystal that are transparent, colorless or white. White crystal corresponds the body seven rounds ( referring to the various parts of the body ) in the " crown chakra ", namely the head in the middle position , the bad magnetic field may be discharged from the soles of the feet which makes the mind clear , physically fit , good career and health. If there are books on the desk or table , then you can place greater Whitewater boules to helps improve the magnetic fields at home.

4. Bedroom choices : North bedroom is conducive to freelancers. Northwest bedroom is conducive to management positions who provide services.  Northeast bedroom is conducive to people who likes to get favor. East bedroom is conducive for enterprising young person. Southeast bedroom is suitable for people to obtain help from others. South bedroom is suitable for those who wants inspiration. Southwest bedroom can enhance a person's patience. West bedroom is suitable for stress relief and strengthening sleep.

5. To increase fortune at home, you can place a unicorn at your living room or at an appropriate place where the direction of your house is not in your favor. Please note that the unicorn head should point outwards of the house. It will increase the family fortune. It is not only beneficial to children, it can help to reduce modern pressures, infertility or late pregnancy problem.

6.  For businessmen or politicians, you can widen your house door. This will enhance good karma into your house as well as provide more ventilation to your home. However, areas like bedrooms or key facilities of the house should not be seen from the outside as people will be able to spy on you. It will be volatile to your financial fortune.

7.  You need to pay attention at the main " aisle " . Please make sure that the aisle is clean, open, unobstructed access, shoes need to be placed in the shoe rack. You should ensure diligent cleaning and exposure to reduce any bad smell. If it is dim, you can enhance the lighting by placing a fluorescent lighting, this will improve the career advancement fortune.


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